Modelers, builders of various model kits (plastic, wood or some other material) and models(planes, boats, helicopters, multirotos, cars, rockets_dsc3738 etc.) have wondered about easy cutting of the materials we use, which can be quite varied, they can be all the same or a smidgen different. When we were making cuts(by hand) it happened almost without fail that the pieces were pretty different from what they should be. And we lost a lot of time sanding them, and the pieces were still not equal, in the meantime others could take flight with their models while we could only watch.

So have you ever though of cutting the pieces with a CNC, or maybe have them 3D printed? Procedures which would far more precise than hand made ones, as well making them much faster?
In our company we cut various materials used in model kit and other fields (such as lighting components, signs, props etc.) using a 3D CNC machine.11014669_572784519528570_5463006427289847657_n

We also off 3D printing, which is becoming more widespread which each day.

The materials we work with incude: wood, plywood, balsa wood, vitroplast(G10, G11), carbon, kevlar, MDF boards(mediapan), depron, kapa board(depron covered with cardboard, coroplast, plexiglass etc.)
We offer cutting and machining on a computer guided machine. As 3D printing we currently offer ABS a.k.a. PLA materials but we will soon start DLP procedure printing which enables printing with a lighting procedure with UV curing resin.
The service includes a draw up of the plan in AutoCAD or Corel Draw or even with SOLID Works programing suite and the cutting and/or 3D printing of the item.

A costumer wishing cuts of smaller construction must submit a blueprint with measurements, but we can make the blueprint in house if you would prefer it that way.
It is highly recommended that the costumer draw up the design in DWG or DXF formats (Auto-CAD), CDR format (11149330_565896556884033_5053422617801719048_nCorel Draw X5) or AI (Adobe Illustrator), SLDPRT or STL (Solid Works, PRO Engineer, Catia, Maya, etc) and under certain conditions in PDF.
Less complex blueprints can be in PDF
Send us the blueprint over email or other internet file transfer method, or simply deliver it yourself.
The material for the contstruction can be brought by the clien, but they can also book the service with the material.

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