CNC Machining

We’ve using CNC technology and 3D printing for a number of years, when we set out to build our first 3D CNC machine which was meant for cutting plywood and similar softer materials for the manufacture of flying RC models. That has brought us to the development and manufacture of a CNC machine which is capable of cutting and milling of boards in the 500 by 1000 mm dimensions, which was the jumping board for the manufacture and construction of RC planes and multi-rotor drones for various purposes.

With the experience gained with the CNC machine and various ideas which cropped up during meetings and brainstorming sessions brought us to the design and manufacture of multi-rotor drones and we soon began construction when the technology was still in its teething stages because the first control boards were cumbersome and it was impossible to set up as many settings as are available now, and they also weren’t powerful which made the multi-rotors quite simplistic. And through that we discovered the properties of multi-rotor flight such as quad-copters (4 rotors), hex-copters(6 rotors) and more. Since 2015 we also produce components for the manufacture of 3D printers and everything needed for their operation