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The Little Gee micro drone frame kit includes all the parts needed for building  frame only. Electronics are not included.

The base frame is cut from 3mm carbon fiber and measures 100 mm. All accessories are 3D printed with UV DLP resin material. In the event of a crash, this flexibility helps protect the valuable electronics inside from shock and damage. The bumpers also protect any exposed edges of the carbon fiber from becoming damaged when crashed into unforgiving objects. Extra TPU parts in various colors are available here.

Package contents :

-1 carbon fiber base (3mm thick)

-1 screw kit

-1 resin canopy


-1 adjustable angle camera mount 30°-40°

-1  9x5mm micro piezo buzzer with 2 LED (HCLRC)

-1 anti-slip silicon battery pad with adhesive

-1 battery strap

Recommended Electronics :

In order to maintain its slim form factor, the frame was designed around a few specific components. The pods are designed to house the GHLRC flight controller and VTX. They have an adjustable angle camera mount that holds standard micro CMOS cameras such as the micro 600tvl available. There are two different options of carbon fiber base plates available with the kit in order to accommodate different style motors. One mounts to ommon style of 11XX motors that use M2 screws and 9mm diameter spacing, such as the Emax RS1106‘s. The frames fly excellent with either of these motors, and we recommend using Emax bullet esc’s (12A or larger), and around 450MAH 2S-3S batteries.

They also fly well on 2S batteries with the right out of the box (especially indoors), but upgrading to 12A esc’s and running 3S batteries make them feel much more similar to a full size racing quad.

Propeller size :

The frame fits up to 2.0 inch props. It will also fit many props labeled 2.4 inch (as they are usually only around 2.31 inches). The Emax 2345 triblade propellers fit nicely, which is why we recommend the Emax style motors above.





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